M. B. Towel is one of the prominent emerging Manufacturer Exporter of 100% cotton Terry Towel from India. M. B. Towel is perfect for everyday use in the bathroom, at the beach or as gift sets. Different sizes and designs cater for everyone's tastes! Made from 100% cotton, M. B. towels are soft and luxurious, and are guaranteed to brighten your day! 

Top quality threads are used for all embroidery work. These threads are resistant to fading and breaking. There is a large range of colours, complete with your choice of embroidery.

We believe our products speak for themselves, and are committed to providing our customers high-quality, long lasting products by utilizing the finest materials available. Our purpose is to surpass customer expectations by offering unique products to complement their lifestyles while maintaining a high level of value and style. 

We supply our products in most leading outlets in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India such as
>> Pantaloon Retail India Ltd.
>> D-Mart
>> Star Bazar
>> Vishal Retail Ltd.

Our ultimate goal is to work closely with our buyers and develop a business relations which assure them of qualities products, timely shipment and competitive price. 

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