Step out of the bath and into one of our pure, 100% organic cotton towels. Our luxurious towels are soft and gorgeous, adding color to your life, naturally.

Our organic cotton towels are naturally dyed using a certified herbal dye process that only uses plants and minerals. No heavy metals or chemicals are used at any step in the process.


You help preventing pollution by avoiding the use of more then 1/3 pound of lethal chemicals, which is essential in making of one shirt.

You are avoiding the use of about 8000 chemicals directly or indirectly which goes in processing chemically dyed textiles.

You encourage tree plantations, because the herbs used are the main sources of raw material.

You provide manure to the soil & plants because the solid and liquid waste generated by herbal dyes serves the same purpose.

You know that the color or design of the garment is unique because the same shade is almost impossible to be repeated with even chemical dying.

You believe in God and Nature for it's beautiful colors.

You say 'YES' to health and 'NO' to allergies, septic condition, cancer, bad transpiration etc., all caused by wearing conventional textiles made using deadly chemicals.

You know that what you are wearing is 100% natural and organic because only then is Herbal dyeing possible.

You contribute to keep alive the lost treasure of Indian heritage for which India was once called "The Golden Sparrow"

You learn that glamour need not be always artificial but can sustain a beautiful cause too.

You benefit your children and the future generations by stopping Air, Water and Soil pollution.

You promote mass labor employments because Hand-Process is involved through out all stages of Herbal Dyeing.


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